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The Sassy Strategist: Build a Profitable Business and a Lifestyle You Love

The Sassy Strategist Podcast brings you the "how-to's" of building your business so that you can achieve high profits, long-term success, and a fulfilling life. If you're a solopreneur or small business owner and offer creative, professional, or consumer services, this podcast is for you.

Host, Kim Dawson shares insight and effective strategies to help you build a profitable business that brings you joy, purpose, and the lifestyle you desire. Kim also interviews subject matter experts to share their experience and expertise on a variety of small business topics.

About the Host: Kim Dawson is a Business Strategist, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur specializing in helping solopreneurs and small business owners enjoy financial freedom and a fulfilling, well-balanced life. Kim strives to help you create financial security from your business, along with more free time, more joy, and less stress. Her specialty areas include revenue generation, profit strategy, pricing, scaling, business development & growth. Kim is the author of "Passion To Profits: Your Guide To Building A Successful Business You Love."

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Dec 27, 2023

On this episode of the Sassy Strategist Podcast, host Kim Dawson interviews Mallika Malhotra, the Brand CEO, as she unpacks the crucial elements of brand strategy for entrepreneurs navigating crowded marketplaces. Delving into the challenges of standing out and gaining traction, Malika shares her expertise in helping experienced entrepreneurs define their power niche, craft impactful messaging, and enhance visibility to become industry go-tos. 

Mallika emphasizes the distinction between brand and marketing strategies, stressing the significance of brand essence before communication tactics. With a focus on niching, Malika advocates for specialization as a powerful tool to attract ideal clients, debunking fears around missed opportunities and highlighting the transformative potential of honing in on a specific audience, skill set, problem, or solution.




  • Strategic Foundation: Prioritize defining your brand's essence, values, and differentiation before diving into marketing tactics for maximum impact.

  • Niche Amplification: Embrace specialization to become the go-to expert, amplifying your brand's visibility and appeal within a specific audience or problem domain.

  • Messaging Precision: Clarity and specificity in brand messaging create resonance and memorability, distinguishing you in crowded marketplaces.

  • Quality Over Quantity: Focusing on a niche allows for deeper impact and growth potential, enabling scalable opportunities while fostering trust and recognition.

  • Overcoming Fear of Missing Out: Reframe the fear of missing out on diverse opportunities by recognizing the power and impact of serving a specific audience with specialized expertise.





Mallika Malhotra, The Brand CEO, is an award-winning brand strategist, mentor, and speaker. After years of working in corporate advertising on renowned brands like L’Oreal and Oil of Olay, Mallika now empowers women entrepreneurs to get clear on their brand message, define their power niche and become sought-after experts. Her friends and clients call her the brand energizer because she encourages stepping out of comfort zones, taking action, and implementing ideas. When not building brands, Mallika is sipping coffee or red wine, reading a stack of books and dreaming of global adventures. She lives in beautiful coastal Maine with her husband, three sons and their mini Bernedoodle, Jax. To learn more about working with Mallika or to invite her to speak at your event or podcast, visit




Kim Dawson is a small business strategist, consultant, accountant, and lifelong entrepreneur with a unique background and experience in a wide variety of industries. 

Kim’s the author of the Amazon best-selling book Passion to Profits: Your Guide to Building a Successful Business You Love and host of the long-running Sassy Strategist podcast where she delivers practical strategies to help you manage and grow your business. 

Kim works with small business owners to help increase revenue, cash flow, and profitability to help them achieve their goals for growth. 

Her passion is in helping those who are building more than just a business; they’re crafting a life rich in experiences, skill, and personal and professional fulfillment.

When not working, Kim can be found going for a hike or run, watching Jeopardy, solving math problems for fun, or reading about her latest topic of interest while enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to music.