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The Sassy Strategist: Build a Profitable Business and a Lifestyle You Love

The Sassy Strategist Podcast brings you the "how-to's" of building your business so that you can achieve high profits, long-term success, and a fulfilling life. If you're a solopreneur or small business owner and offer creative, professional, or consumer services, this podcast is for you.

Host, Kim Dawson shares insight and effective strategies to help you build a profitable business that brings you joy, purpose, and the lifestyle you desire. Kim also interviews subject matter experts to share their experience and expertise on a variety of small business topics.

About the Host: Kim Dawson is a Business Strategist, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur specializing in helping solopreneurs and small business owners enjoy financial freedom and a fulfilling, well-balanced life. Kim strives to help you create financial security from your business, along with more free time, more joy, and less stress. Her specialty areas include revenue generation, profit strategy, pricing, scaling, business development & growth. Kim is the author of "Passion To Profits: Your Guide To Building A Successful Business You Love."

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Oct 6, 2021

For the first time on the show, host Kim Dawson shares her own personal journey of building her business, which she nearly quit several times. Kim shares the mistakes she made during the first few years, including spending too much time and energy working on tasks that didn’t bring results, without having a plan that truly aligned with her goals and values. 


In this episode of The Sassy Strategist Podcast, Kim asks the important questions - “Is what you’re doing in your business what you really need? Is it bringing you what you really want? Are you happy with what you’re doing, with your clients, with the money you’re making? And most importantly, are you too focused on the future and not truly enjoying the present?” 


Kim shares her insight and tips on how to step back, re-evaluate, and create a plan that aligns with your goals, and brings you more happiness (and success!) right now. 


“I realized I didn’t have to work so hard to get what I needed. I just needed to have a better plan.” - Kim Dawson



Run your business (and your life!) today as if you’re already successful.

Success isn’t just measured by number of clients, money earned per year, or whether or not “you’ve made it” - success is determined by having a plan and making progress toward implementing it.

Overworking yourself will not only lead to burnout, it can also lead to questioning your ability to be successful, and like a negative cycle, that lack of confidence can cause you to quit too soon.

Building a successful business becomes much easier, and more enjoyable, when you take a step back and create a plan that aligns with your goals and values.

You might never feel true safety and security in your business (most entrepreneurs ever do!), so don’t use it as an excuse to put everything else in your life on hold until you get it.


Kim Dawson is a results-driven business strategist and an expert at turning a good business into a great one. Her clients have reached their current capacity and need to make changes in order to generate more profits and get their time back! With over 20 years of entrepreneurship and accounting experience, Kim helps small businesses optimize their pricing and procedures while navigating niche markets and building a team without cutting into their profitability. 

If you’re ready to transition from day-to-day service provider to CEO, book a discovery call with Kim at