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The Sassy Strategist: Build a Profitable Business and a Lifestyle You Love

The Sassy Strategist Podcast brings you the "how-to's" of building your business so that you can achieve high profits, long-term success, and a fulfilling life. If you're a solopreneur or small business owner and offer creative, professional, or consumer services, this podcast is for you.

Host, Kim Dawson shares insight and effective strategies to help you build a profitable business that brings you joy, purpose, and the lifestyle you desire. Kim also interviews subject matter experts to share their experience and expertise on a variety of small business topics.

About the Host: Kim Dawson is a Business Strategist, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur specializing in helping solopreneurs and small business owners enjoy financial freedom and a fulfilling, well-balanced life. Kim strives to help you create financial security from your business, along with more free time, more joy, and less stress. Her specialty areas include revenue generation, profit strategy, pricing, scaling, business development & growth. Kim is the author of "Passion To Profits: Your Guide To Building A Successful Business You Love."

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May 27, 2021

When you first launched your business, you were probably taking clients from anywhere you could get them. But overtime, you may have created a market and a niche and not even known that you created it. As your interests, experience, and knowledge have grown, your ideal client may be very different from who you originally thought you’d be serving in your business. 

In this episode of The Sassy Strategist, host Kim Dawson discusses how to identify your ideal client, and why it’s so important for improving time management, enjoying your work more, and growing your revenue. Kim also shares pricing strategies to implement as your market changes.