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The Sassy Strategist: Build a Profitable Business and a Lifestyle You Love

The Sassy Strategist Podcast brings you the "how-to's" of building your business so that you can achieve high profits, long-term success, and a fulfilling life. If you're a solopreneur or small business owner and offer creative, professional, or consumer services, this podcast is for you.

Host, Kim Dawson shares insight and effective strategies to help you build a profitable business that brings you joy, purpose, and the lifestyle you desire. Kim also interviews subject matter experts to share their experience and expertise on a variety of small business topics.

About the Host: Kim Dawson is a Business Strategist, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur specializing in helping solopreneurs and small business owners enjoy financial freedom and a fulfilling, well-balanced life. Kim strives to help you create financial security from your business, along with more free time, more joy, and less stress. Her specialty areas include revenue generation, profit strategy, pricing, scaling, business development & growth. Kim is the author of "Passion To Profits: Your Guide To Building A Successful Business You Love."

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Oct 8, 2022

Do you experience FOMO when you hear your fellow entrepreneurs talking about the latest tools they use, like ClickUp, Monday, or Asana, and wonder why you haven’t used these tools yet? Are you feeling disorganized in your business because you don’t have systems and processes in place and documented? Do you keep hearing that running your business would be so much easier if you set up automations?

In this episode of the Sassy Strategist podcast, host Kim Dawson interviews Business Efficiency Expert, Yvonne Heimann, where the two discuss what it means to set up systems in your business, and why digitizing them isn’t a requirement for them to be effective. Yvonne talks about the importance of knowing what works for you, and what doesn’t, using your own values and priorities as a guide to creating systems rather than what everyone else is doing. She shares her insight around using tools in your business, and why tools won’t solve your problems. Her philosophy - first, decide what you want, then use technology to help you make it happen. 




* You already have systems in place - regardless of whether or not you’ve documented them.

* First, create the systems, then digitize them. Tools won’t do this for you.

* Your values and priorities will guide how you set up your systems.

* Follow your own path - don’t worry about what works for others.

* Your clients don’t care about the details of your process - they care about the client experience and getting the results they want.




Yvonne Heimann is the CEO & founder of and the leading ClickUp evangelist, as well as a passionate Business Efficiency & Scalability Consultant, Mindset Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, & Speaker.

Using her knowledge of over 15 years running multiple businesses, she helps her clients organize, strengthen, and streamline their businesses into profitability and success.

Her work is driven by a vision of a world where digital entrepreneurs not only make a living doing what they are passionate about but thrive and wear their passions as badges of honor.

To learn more about Yvi go to To access the SOAR framework resource mentioned in the episode go to




Kim Dawson is a results-driven business strategist and an expert at turning a good business into a great one. Her clients have reached their current capacity and need to make changes in order to generate more profits and get their time back! With over 20+ years of entrepreneurship and accounting experience, Kim helps small businesses optimize their pricing and procedures while navigating niche markets and building a team without cutting into their profitability. 

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